Thursday, December 31, 2015

Being three

Just thinking of yesterday, when after all the chaos - getting late out of the airbnb house, saying goodbye to Do, my brother and sister in law, getting to the airport through the frozen streets and snowbanks, arguing with Eli who kept wanting to open his car window despite the freezing air, returning the rental car, trying to get the masses of stuff we had, including a baby in a carseat, to the check-in counter and then through security - all of our stuff carry-on, of course, just to make life more complicated - and then waiting for the flight which was delayed and then finally getting on board, Anna breastfeeding throughout and coping with her fierce, single-minded older son - finally we were seated on the small Porter plane and had crammed our stuff into the overhead bins and the rest beneath the seats and were trying to take a breath - and then the plane took off into the dark frozen Ottawa sky, and as we flew up, Eli said, in an imperious tone, "How do you open the window? I want to open the window."

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