Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve in shorts

A moment of tranquillity before it all hits - Anna and family on their way over. It is a record-breaking warm Christmas Eve here - warmer than Mexico and, according to my friend Patsy, much warmer than B.C. We Torontoites are not complaining, we are revelling - I saw people out in shirtsleeves and shorts today - truly a day to remember.

When everything was done - at least, as far as I can do it today - I went for a walk to check out Riverdale Farm, our set for tonight's pageant.
The main stage for tonight
The Wise Man stage - they stand on the picnic table - and our fancy prop camel
One of my favourite places in all of Toronto

Then I went to the Necropolis, which is celebrating Xmas in its own quiet way. 
A Christmas wreath
This is the spot where I scattered the ashes of my parents on Christmas Day two years ago, in the deep snow. I went to visit them and say hello, to tell them how much I love them and how grateful I am for everything they gave me. How grateful I am to be alive on this magical day. 

Onward. Joy to the world. I wish you peace, friendship and good health, my friends.

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