Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Ah, youth

George Clooney at age 15. Talk about a bad haircut! Weren't we all weird-looking at 15? I'm writing about that year, 1965, when I thought either that I was turning into a gorgeous woman or that I was the most hideous creature ever.

My son will be working at various parties at TIFF, and George, the George we know now, will be at one. I have begged Sam to let me come and pretend to be a waitress or something.

A woman who changes next to me at the Y asked today about my grandson. We've never met outside the Y, but she has heard me talk about him to others there. "How's the love of your life?" she asked. And he is. And she, incidentally, possesses the largest female body I've ever seen naked - at least 500 pounds. She swims regularly and is a fit and cheerful person, very nice. I think I am not sexist or racist, but as for being size-ist - well, she has helped with that.

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