Thursday, September 26, 2013

David Gilmour doesn't read women

If you'd like a little controversy with your morning coffee, as well as a very large ego on display, here it is, an interview with the novelist David Gilmour, who teaches literature at U of T and doesn't teach anything by women, because he doesn't like a single female writer except Virginia Woolf. I hope nobody shows this to Alice Munro - our Chekhov - though I'm sure she'd just laugh. Read the comments afterwards, they're much better than the interview. For example:

Imagine a professor in any other field only teaching the stuff s/he loves: first year biology Prof: "I only teach about dolphins, bison, and platypus. Other organisms don't interest me. Ecosystems don't interest me..."

Can he just call his class 'Straight Bro Dude Wankfest Royale' and make it a cage match? At least the outfits might keep it from being totally boring.

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