Saturday, September 14, 2013

"We are the best" is the best

Today's treats - film and food. Lucky me. Friend Ron was offered tickets for a bunch of TIFF films, asked me which one I wanted to see. I picked "We are the best" after reading that it was about 13 year old girls, my area of interest right now. Yes, these are not Canadian girls in the Sixties but Swedish girls in 1982. But still, how different can 13-year old girls be?

Well, the answer is - not much. It's an absolutely delightful film - I hope it gets general release and comes back - funny, moving, never mocking the girls even as they flounder and do absurd things, like creating a punk band though two of them can't play anything. Some of the adults in their lives are inadequate, but some are not; no one is a dupe or a foil or a symbol. They're all real. The 3 girls are stunning. It made me pray that my memoir conveys even a bit of the truth in this fine film.

Then Ron and I rode our bikes in the sun to some snazzy food store in Rosedale where he bought a fantastic meal all made which we ate with a good rosé in his apartment, overlooking the Lawn Tennis Club. A great afternoon.

And more. Advantages to having someone in the family in the food business: sometimes he cooks. Tonight - eggplant coated and baked till crispy in the oven, covered with a long-simmered tomato sauce, with a simple al dente pasta with garden tomatoes and spices. Divine. I've gained a kilo or two this summer. No surprise.

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