Thursday, September 5, 2013

the making of "Abbey Road" - acapella

I'm sure you are bored with my sobbing, and perhaps with my Beatles obsession, but below is something so moving, it's hard not to cry. Someone has compiled moments from the recording of "Abbey Road" without the instrumentals - you can hear the instruments bleeding into the vocals, but it's the harmonies, the strong, beautiful voices of this band, and particularly, no doubt about it, one member of this band, you can guess who, that take your breath away and make you cry. At least, if you're me.

Thanks to both my brother and friend Chris for forwarding this link. Heaven, the sun was shining low in the sky and I, Beatles blasting, tears falling - does life get better? Yes. My son ended up at Emerg today, was moving a bar for his boss after working 18 hours preparing for TIFF when he got trapped between two pieces of furniture. He has a chip of bone in his wrist, can't use his right hand, just as TIFF and his greatest time of work begins. He was feeling pretty low, so I invited him over for some TLC, but - his sister, who lives five minutes from the hospital, is making him dinner.

Much better that he go to her, because one day, I won't be here, and she will. "The women in my life are the best," he texted, with his left hand.

P.S. Just spent an hour reading the controversial and negative Francine Prose review of "Blue Jasmine" in the NY Review of Books and then the subsequent series of comments about it - fascinating, insightful, well-written. One reader sums it up (and incidentally, I just looked up 'anhedonic' - unable to feel pleasure):
Here is the thing about Allen and a very few other anhedonic, imaginative artists passionately fascinated by life with its comedy, tragedy and its ironic possibilities for the joys of aesthetic creation (e.g., Goya, Sophocles, Bruegel, Mozart, Austen, Wagner, Proust): they never stop and they are smarter than you.

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