Saturday, September 7, 2013

happy Cabbagetown Wet Fest

PHOOEY! So much for the Cabbagetown Festival with its parades, street music, street vendors, hundreds of garage sales, arts and crafts by the farm and harvest festival at the farm. It's pouring with rain, thunder predicted.

My garage sale helpers were here at 8, to put things out. My living room looks like this:
Friend Penny arrived too. Yesterday she'd brought over all the jewellry she makes, ready for the sale.
We considered tarps and umbrellas, as many brave fools in the 'hood are doing. Finally, we decided just to do it all again tomorrow - sun predicted, all day. We hope all the eager buyers will come back.

Then, time to decide if I was going to run the 3 k. mini-marathon, as I do every year. It's a fundraiser for the Cabbagetown Youth Centre, but I'd already paid my entry fee, could have just skipped it - last year it was raining, but not this hard. No - can't miss it, it's such a wonderful community event. So, I went. With my camera phone, for the first time.

This is before the race - I am looking a bit frantic. More than a bit, perhaps.
The children from the community centre sang us a joyful song.
And then we ran 3 k. through the puddles of the neighborhood, with lots of wet dogs and children. 
It was fun. Sort of. 
After the race ...
Very very very wet. I had ditched my umbrella en route. Didn't realize my legs looked so skinny and my feet so huge - ridiculous! Went home immediately for a hot hot shower and some coffee. And to nurse my bruised toe. Because yes, I ran with a sore toe. Oh, I am proud of myself today. Time to eat a lot. And later, obviously, get a pedicure. 
Bruised toe of champion runner with skinny legs and giant feet. The photo doesn't quite capture its bruisedness. It's bruised. 

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