Monday, September 2, 2013

Macca's new song

Here is one of Paul's new songs from his new L.P. coming out in October. It's so Beatley, I challenge you to not tap your toes and sing along. Mr. Music does it again.


It's Labour Day. My job for this morning was to feed my grandson sausages and yogurt and take him to the farm and to the playground and sit with him on the piano bench. And for the rest of the day, to recuperate. There's so much to do, and I'm just sitting here, typing to you, drinking rosé, listening to Paul. The garden glows. The air show planes soar overhead. Thank you for life, whoever you are. 


  1. Beth, I wanted to leave a message (and to say how beautiful your grandson is...):
    I saw Angels in America a few years ago. Did it have Meryl Streep? It did. And Emma Thompson, Mary Louise Parker. I can't remember the whole cast now. But it was so wildly exciting and alive that I knew that it was the product of genius. The language so lively it kept me completely alert to what was happening on the screen. Haven't seen the Cate Blanchett film yet but, given your impression, I will, as soon as possible!

  2. Theresa, good to hear from you - the long way round. I'd like to watch the screen version of "Angels" sometime, too, just to see if I can understand a bit more. The language is so dense, and often the situations so outlandish, that it's as if the mind can't keep up. Tony Kushner's mind must be the most interesting place on earth ... And yes, thank you, he is. Look at those curls. Delicious. b.