Friday, November 22, 2013

a mantra for right now

Last night at my home class, I read an excerpt from an article I'd read, and they liked it so much, they asked me to send it to them. I said I'd copy and post it for everyone, instead. I think I may have posted parts of it some months ago, but it's important, so here it is again:

... A neuroscientist called Dr. Rudolph Tanzi talking about the brain - actually, about mind over brain, how you can use your mind to change not only your thinking but your mental and physical health. He was talking about mindfulness - living in a mindful way - which he defined as paying real attention in a neutral manner, devoid of judgment, to what's going on both inside and outside us.

He suggested we take time to be mindful with our senses, our internal and external body, mentally and socially. Take your time when you eat - taste. Be in touch with your body, listen to your breathing, your heartbeat. Be aware of those closest to you, then those further away. Pay attention; really listen.

Observe your own thoughts and feelings. "The real you," he said, "is the one observing your thoughts and feelings." You are the user of your brain. Use your mind to rewire your brain. Persist. Practice. He pointed out that when we feel down, if we conjure up a happy memory or thought, our brain will actually release feel-good chemicals like oxytocin and endorphins. There's a new field called neuro-immunology - how your brain can help you stay healthy.

What I liked most was that he said he repeats to himself, through his day, "I am okay right now. And there is only right now." I have said this to myself several times since. It's a mantra to ally anxiety about the past or the future. "Use your mind," he concluded, "to take charge of your brain and create the life you want."

Right now. Because that's all there is.


  1. Spot on. Here is where we are now, and even that keeps changing...

  2. Right now, Penny - time for a snack. Which I till do my best to really TASTE.