Monday, November 25, 2013

Holly Golightly - moi?

Scottish Book Week has launched a personality test; you can find out which character in fiction you most resemble. Margaret Atwood is like Elizabeth Bennet..
I am like Holly Golightly, in "Breakfast at Tiffany's." Hmmm.  

Holly grabs life by the lapels and refuses to stop and mope. Audrey Hepburn found playing her tough, “an introvert playing an extrovert”, but she captures your inspiring, enthusiastic and outgoing nature perfectly. With a gift of the gab, your ability to bring the best out in people and your lust for life make you great company. People who meet you want to be your friend. If they were to catch you on a bad day you might come across as indiscreet, flamboyant and hasty but, if you can focus on finishing the tasks you start, instead of moving on to something even more exciting, you can inspire us all.

I think many of my friends might agree. Flamboyant and hasty! Someone with my slow and cautious nature? Not! I am a huge fan of Truman Capote's but have not read this book. Okay, put it on the list - # 4,687 on the Must Read list, right after "The Brothers Karamazov."

A great article by Ellen Roseman in today's Star on how our taxes actually pay for our services - just the point that was made yesterday at the library rally. When are we going to deflate the anti-tax Milton Friedman balloon that's been floating since Thatcher and Reagan? I bought the September "Harper's Bazaar" at Doubletake for 25 cents; it's full of pictures of $4000 coats, $3000 handbags, $1500 boots and shoes. These people who don't want to pay taxes starve our libraries and transit and roads and schools and health care and children and ... Phooey.


  1. Well, I'm Alice from Alice in Wonderland. Huh? Musta been the drugs. Lani

  2. Didn't you have something to do with a giant white rabbit? And there have definitely been some caterpillars with hookahs in your life. Nothing strange about that.