Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Thank you Mike Harris

So he has admitted to smoking crack - and says he has "nothing left to hide." The whole thing is so absurd and disgusting, it's hard to believe it's really happening - in 2013, in Toronto the Good.

Let us not forget that this is all happening because of loathsome ex-Premier Mike Harris's megacity, voted against yet rammed through by him and his thugs, chaining us all to the whims of the suburbs, which elected this guy. And let us not forget that a lot of those thugs - Flaherty, Clement et al - who rammed through the megacity are now in Ottawa with their pigs-at-the-trough Senate scandal. What an appalling spectacle. I just emailed a childhood friend of mine in Halifax, big time Conservative, couldn't stop myself gloating a little at what his guys are doing. All he could say in reply was that "Perhaps Harper has outstayed his welcome."

My reply: What welcome?

Tonight at 9, the Giller Prize. I used to feel like Cinderella on Giller night, watching the glitterati at the ball. But - meh, as they say. It's fiction, and tonight I haven't read any of the writers. At the same time tonight, PBS is showing a doc on Jimi Hendrix. So there's a choice between Canadian novels or one of the greatest musicians of the 60's ... well, I've watched the Gillers every year. Maybe not this one.

It was a beautiful warm day. I've spent the last two days mainlining Vitamin C and lying low, fighting a bug. And did.

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