Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Angelina Jolie, humanitarian and wine-maker

Angelina Jolie recently won the Hersholt Humanitarian Award. Her acceptance speech, below, is moving and beautiful. She really is phenomenal - stunning (yes, a bit of Botox for this clear-browed mother of six, but I guess she has no choice), talented, thoughtful, engaged, loving. Can it all be true? Well, an actress friend of mine once made a movie with Angelina, and told me that the star was warm and generous with her and other Canadians in the cast. So it is. Right now, we are living with such ugliness in the papers that it's a treat to hear and see someone with a fine soul.

And - can it get any better - the rosé that is made at Brangelina's enormous estate in the south of France has just been voted the best rosé in the world! Oh for God's sake, now that's hitting really close to home - one of my favourite things on earth, rosé! What next, the Nobel Peace Prize? Well ...

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