Friday, November 15, 2013

ways to donate

Torontonian humour is in full gear, thank the lord. I saw a sticker on a lamppost yesterday - an image of Ford lolling on a sidewalk holding a handwritten sign: WILL MAYOR FOR CRACK. A guy just said on the radio, "It's like Sarah Palin's whole family rolled into one without media handlers."

As Rick Salutin writes in the "Star" today, it's heartening to see people so united in response.

This mayoral fiasco has activated the citizenry in its sage, witty awareness. Compared to that benefit, some mockery from the U.S. networks is a small price to pay. Anyway, in their politics, Americans have given us lots to laugh at and feel superior about over the years. It's only right we pay them back in kind. Think of it as one of the more benign components of free trade. 

Yesterday our mayor, besides many other vile things, said, "Yes, I have drank alcohol in excess." Who cares about drug addiction, lying, criminal friends, sexist and racist rants? What about grammar?


Yes, onward to something that matters. My friend Odette, who's Filipina, has written that there are other ways to donate to the cause there without sending money.

It'd be great if you could also let your readers know that they can also donate rewards points like Aeroplan, Airmiles, HBC, Shoppers Optimum. The Red Cross has a link:


  1. Helpful information about other ways to donate, Beth. It makes sense to offer practical things like airmiles, for instance. Thanks to Odette.

  2. Thank you again, Beth and Theresa.