Friday, November 1, 2013


I saw the amazing Akram Khan yesterday, in his one man dance performance "Desh," which means homeland in Bengali. It was a meditation in dance and drama on roots, heritage, dislocation. I thought about Jasmine and Niru, my friends from Bangladesh, who should have been there but would not be able to afford a ticket. The production made gorgeous use of video projections on a scrim, amazingly beautiful music by Jocelyn Pook and great sets. Very intense, very powerful.

After a few minutes of non-stop motion, Khan's rubber body and face were covered with sweat; after half an hour, his shirt was soaked through. But the guy in this wonderful video makes it look effortless. I want to dance with him.

Man with Awesome Dance Moves will Amaze You

And a word - about stores. The big Sears in the Eaton Centre is shutting down. Last week, I was getting a drive home from a dinner party and when I stepped out of the car, I must have dropped my black beret on the ground. My one essential for fall, winter and spring is a black beret; I have every other colour, but black is best. So I had to find another. Happened to go by Holt Renfrew - a tiny one for a lot of money. The Bay - brown and red, but not a single black beret. "We must be sold out," the salesgirl said, though she'd managed to buy one herself.

Sears at the Eaton Centre - a two foot high stack of black berets for $16. A few years ago, I bought my washer and dryer there, my vacuum cleaner; I've bought jeans, makeup, clothes for my mother. It's one of those old-fashioned stores that sells reasonably-priced everything.

And soon, gone.

As will, soon, our mayor and our prime minister. LET US PRAY.

Here's a superb article by Paul Krugman of the NYT about the reasons for the Republican war on the poor. Now spreading to Canada.


A War on the Poor



  1. An excellent article,The War on The Poor, so true of attitudes shared by many in power over here. Let them leave their sheltered, upper middle class, privately educated , privileged lives and "walk a mile in my shoes"; whatever happened to compassion, empathy, caring and sharing?

  2. I could not agree more. Sometime around Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, the ethos became, "It's mine and I won't share it." Big wasteful government was the problem; taxes were the problem. Easy to say and believe, to justify greed and selfishness, honed to a fine art today.