Sunday, November 10, 2013


There's a world out there with far bigger problems than a tormented human being masquerading as a mayor - a typhoon in the Phillipines, for example. I emailed my dear student Odette, who wrote back that though her immediate family was safe, an ex-inlaw witnessed the roof of her house being blown off and had a fatal heart attack.

Lest we forget, today - the men and women who died for the democracy that we witness being trashed before our eyes. Two excellent editorials in the "Star" today, especially the one by the wonderful Don Tapscott, "A crisis of legitimacy," taking apart our whole political system and putting it back together so that it works better. If only, Don. The other has a title that says it all: "Rob Ford's fatal flaw? He has no shame." No kidding.

I didn't watch "The Fifth Estate" and its exposé of the whole Ford debacle on its first airing, but enough people said to watch, so I did, last night. Another triumph of good journalism - the program made absolutely clear that Ford tried to buy the crack video, sent minions into the 'hood with suitcases of cash. And other shockers. Another "Star" journalist reminds us that we've had an incompetent suburban mayor before - Mel Lastman, who was also an international embarrassment. But Mel was a miracle of statesmanship compared to this guy.

Enough. Took myself on a dark and damp afternoon to a movie yesterday - "Enough Said," a romcom for the middle-aged and James Gandolfini's last role. More lightweight than my usual films, but charming, and worth it to see him one last time. He does so little, just is, there in front of all those cameras. He just is - warm, funny, smart, self-deprecating, kind. Was.

A dear friend and neighbour, I just learned, has terminal cancer, a few months to live. Suzanne Turnbull, younger sister of old friend Keith, just died suddenly of a heart attack in Stratford. This quiet Sunday, the blue sky, the grey clouds, the swirling yellow leaves, all seem more precious when I remember to sit still and breathe. Lest we forget.

P.S. I went to the market Saturday, bought a roast and veggies and invited both my children to Sunday dinner. Both of them are too busy today to accept. Made me feel wonderful - things are as they should be. The meal is in the oven now - cooked while listening to Eleanor on CBC Radio, of course - and I'll just have to force myself to eat it all.

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