Tuesday, May 6, 2014

a fan!

Nancy took my Ryerson class two years ago. She published a piece in the Globe about her experiences with the class and organized a group to continue meeting once a month. Last night some of them came over for a tune-up - to read and get feedback on their work. We had a great session - and they all bought a book.

This morning, Nancy sent this most welcome email.
I started your book last night and stayed in bed reading it.  It is wonderful and I couldn't put it down.  It takes me back to so many forgotten teen-aged feelings. I hope someone makes a movie out of your book.
So do I, Nancy. So do I. And thank you.


  1. 'Wonderful' reviews, Beth! Have any thoughts on who would play a teenaged 'you' in a film? I haven't read your book yet, but plan to, and some of my first thoughts were that this memoir has 'Hollywood hit' written all over it. I hope the filmmakers come knockin' at your door!

  2. Thank you! But this is a period story (very expensive) set in Paris (extremely expensive) about a girl who writes a lot (boring visually.) So I am not expecting Spielberg anytime soon. Now, the Jewish Shakespeare - there's an exciting story! Hope you enjoy the book - and let's not give up hope for a movie. I don't know young actresses well enough to suggest someone. Carey Mulligan some years ago, but she's already too old.