Friday, May 9, 2014

More reviews

I am so enjoying your book. It brings back such memories of being a teenager, having a crush on a Beatle (John for me), and all of that wonderful angst. Well done!

It's a wonderful book and I hope you sell thousands.

I've read about half of it thus far and I think it's just wonderful. That guileless voice, the details, the authenticity of it. And why wouldn't a publisher take it on and give it the star treatment that seems to be reserved for the current misery memoirs? We need them all, I think, need a literary culture that includes all the voices, all the textures and perspectives and genres. The brief beauty of the novella and the big historical novels and the memoirs about being raised in cults and the sweet stories about the coming of age of a girl in love with Paul.

Well, the key word seems to be "wonderful." I'll take it. And work on believing it. At my meditation group yesterday, they all had read or were reading the book and surrounded me with enthusiasm. What a great - yes, wonderful - feeling. Thank you all. 

I was working on the deck but just came in - it's going to pour any minute. This morning, another big garden cleanup - the daffodils are opening, the spirea is showing its delicate greens and yellows, and the best news - the gorgeous rosebush has a few tiny shoots and might actually pull through. But the twelve-foot high holly was cut down. My gardening helper said Toronto's hollies are almost all dead. 

What joy to look out at green and flashes of yellow, not brown. And flashes of scarlet too, as Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal dine.

Speaking of dining, I did the first of several big shops today in preparation for our Mother's Day dinner. Two mothers this year, several big sons, a lot of stomach to fill.  

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