Thursday, May 15, 2014

story of my life

So here's the list of Things to Do, or at least to Continue Doing, for today:
1. finish rewrite of several pages of my website. We're updating to feature the new book.
2. reread the draft of "True to Life" one last time and find better quotes about writing from my vast collection.
3. edit two student pieces and a piece for a private client who's coming on Monday, and read and comment on a long play sent by my friend Chris, who needs feedback also by Monday.
4. sign books for my friend and student Arlene who has sent me the names of her dozen best friends and is coming on Saturday
5. prepare for class tonight
6. add Miracle-Gro to the watering can to boost the flowering plants
7. prepare for book launch - choose pieces to read and practice in front of class tonight if there's time
8. find a special kind of scooter requested by his mother for Eli's birthday next Wednesday
9. prepare for trip to Ottawa in early June - car rental, place to stay.
10. extensive research needed - I'm thinking of buying a real camera with a zoom lens so I don't have to stick my phone in Eli's face all the time.
11. groceries - long weekend coming up.
12. eat. Sleep.
13. blog right now.
14. and, always, read two library books, five New Yorkers, newspapers, magazines, and the mile-high stack of books.

Otherwise, nothing to do.

This is where I like to be - in my tilting seat by the back door, listening to the birds, watching the plants grow, tapping away. But it's time to get up.

Loved this, from the Style section of the Star today: GET ON YOUR BIKE, is the headline, so of course I was interested. Here's what is says:
With Louis Vuitton's latest spring bags hanging off the handlebars and Hermes bringing out a bike last year, fashion loves to cycle. May 26 is National Bike to Work Day and we can't wait to plan our commuter looks. We'll be rocking leather backpacks on our road bike and channelling Audrey Hepburn with oversized shades. Tweet us your bike looks. 

Okeley dokeley.


  1. Whoa Beth, a very busy lady! It makes life interesting and exciting and the pleasure of just sitting and savouring bird song even sweeter Carole

  2. Yes, it's a bit nutty these days - not complaining! I'm much happier with too much to do than too little. Happy spring, Carole.