Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Next project underway: our reading/storytelling series that starts Friday May 30. Jason has just set up the website. Check it out here:

If you're in Toronto, come hear a group of multitalented readers, including your faithful correspondent, tell the most important stories of their lives around the topic Big Love. And have a nice glass of wine while you do so.

Yesterday was the first real day of spring, heavenly warm sun all day long. My son was visiting, so I enlisted him to help put all the plants that had wintered indoors out on the deck, except for the massive oleander which I left leaning out of the back door. It was like liberating animals that have been caged; I could feel their joy. Last night was cold again; I covered the jasmine with a blanket but brought the others back in. Here they are this morning, lined up, waiting to go out.

I took a picture of the sad forsythia in the front yard and happened to see a picture of last year's. Sigh.

This year's.
Last year's, at the same time. Incredible, eh? Much in the garden has been damaged or killed. But much, too, has survived. 

Class at U of T started last night and Ryerson tonight - back to work, helping people tell their stories. One woman had come from Milton; it took her two hours to get there. I'm honoured that my students care so much to put in the effort. I started teaching at Ryerson in 1994. After 20 years, I still love this work. 

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