Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sean Martindale's planter boxes

Sean Martindale is a young visual artist from Vancouver who was my tenant for awhile. He has gone on to acclaim with several local projects, including the biggest mural in the city on an apartment building on Wellesley, and my favourite, a life-sized cardboard figure of Ai Wei Wei, at once funny, respectful and a very good likeness.

Sean, who does interesting things with the city's neglected planter boxes, has been shortlisted for a $1000 grant for the Neighbourhood Arts Network Seeds Fund. He asked me to "Like" his image, shown below with the others on the shortlist, and to pass this on. With pleasure, and good luck, Sean.

And - to urge artists like Sean and my writing students (and even myself) not ever to give up, here are rejection letters sent to people who luckily did not give up after receiving them. The one to Gertrude Stein is a masterpiece.

10 Painful Rejection Letters To Famous People

And ... Macca is recovering! Rejoice!

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