Tuesday, May 27, 2014

a few shots

It's 9 a.m. on a beautiful Tuesday morning, and I'm in a daze. There was a party last night, and it was good. That much I know. This morning I have to borrow my neighbour's car and pick up the boxes of unsold books. That much I also know. 
The event was wonderful. No question. 
 Signing for Richard.
Now that's what I like to see ...
Getting ready to read.
 Signing for Jenny
Some of the crowd in one of the rooms at the Local Gest
Signing for Eleanor, friend since 1975.


  1. Wonderful pictures of a happy writer/reader.

  2. Those are glasses, not a hair band! How the hell can you write a book and not know the difference? Good God woman….. Do people drink from shoes in your prose?


  3. Dear friends, I was barely sentient so the fact that I had glasses stuck in my hair is no surprise - red and purple ones from a dollar store in Paris, too. Wish you'd both been there, Elke and Chris, both readers and encouragers along the way.

  4. Quite a turn out Beth; so pleased it went well for you. A day now to reflect and bask in the pleasure....and the sun too! Raining here! Carole

  5. PS you looked very glam! Carole

  6. Thank you, Carole. It was fab gear. b.

  7. The book launch was terrific fun...but reading the book was delicious...like that pain au chocolat... Serious sweetness....not wanting it to end...unable to stop...so glad to have participated in your coming of age...thank you...namaste

  8. Thank you, whoever you are! Glad you had a good time in person and on paper. Serious sweetness - love that.