Saturday, May 3, 2014

LIfe Stories at U of T is a go

Dear students, I'm sorry to say that my course at Ryerson has almost definitely been cancelled. For some reason, registration was very low this term. Sometimes there are too many and sometimes not enough - no way to know why. I haven't had the official word, but I'm pretty sure.

HOWEVER - Life Stories, my class at U of T, is definitely a go. It starts this coming Tuesday at 6.30; you can find the link to U of T on this website under Teaching, and the course is under Non-fiction. It's more expensive than Ryerson but the classrooms are way cooler and the classes generally smaller - more individual focus. I hope those of you who want to work with me this term will register.

See you Tuesday.

AND … here's the nightmare, now that a provincial election is underway - that before long, we miserable creatures who live in Toronto will have Ford as Mayor, Hudak as Premier and Harper as PM. Could it get worse than that? The answer is a resounding NO.


  1. Yes, it could get lots worse than that. Quit your frigging whining and be thankful you live in Canada.

  2. Good point, dear reader. It's my style to exaggerate for effect, as those who read regularly will know. I'm very much aware of how lucky we are to live in this peaceful country. But though they are not mass murderers or ex-KGB agents out to conquer the world, the three men in question are still appalling.