Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Macca is sick

I know I said I wouldn't print these nice emails any more - a beauty yesterday from Ruth - but this came today from Ginette with shocking NEWS. I immediately Googled and learned that my dear Beatle is sick and has had to cancel his tour! The indefatigable Macca whose concerts are 3 solid hours of music doesn't feel well.

The only cure: for him to go to bed with a good book. And I know just the book.

From Ginette:
Loved your book!  

Thought you’d like to know how much my learning disabled daughter enjoyed it too.  She doesn’t read much but I read her parts of your book and she laughed so hard.  It reminded her of her own 80s crushes and how she was sure the lead singer of the Romantics was going to marry her.  She plans to  read your book, she has already read all the italics bits, your journal in other words.  Anyway, she wanted me to let you (Mrs Beth McCartney she called you) know, in case you haven’t heard, your boyfriend is sick and has had to cancel his Japan tour!

Your book is timeless, all girls no matter our age can relate to your fantasy life. It is so much more than a girl with a crush though. It gives such insight into your real life at that time, your family, what it was like to be an outsider, etc. Congratulations.     

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