Monday, May 26, 2014

Tonight, tonight, won't be just any night ...

Great is the excitement in these here parts: there's a party tonight. And there's a problem, which is that a huge percentage of my favourite people in the universe will be gathered, and I won't be able to sit down with each of them and have a long talk and get caught up. That will be frustrating. But seeing the assembled faces will be a high point of my life.

Pam from Quebec, another old friend whom I have never met, just wrote: I didn't want the day to pass without sending along my best wishes and congratulations for the launch of your book. As a faithful reader of your blog, I have been listening to its labor pains for some time now. Tonight is your big night, and I wish I could be there to listen and applaud your efforts along with your friends and supporters. I still have my ticket stub from when I saw the Beatles in 1964 at the old Montreal Forum. Best of luck tonight, you deserve your hard earned glory. As always, I remain President of your Quebec fan base. 

She's right about listening to the labor pains - I've been groaning on and on about this book for years. What a relief it will be to have it finally, truly, out in the world.

For those of you, like dear friend Nick, who might forget the time and place, here it is. The pub is at Parliament and Spruce, half-way between Carlton and Gerrard, on the west side, lower level. See you.


  1. Enjoy every minute, Beth. Post pictures!

  2. Hope to do so, Theresa. Wish you could be there.