Tuesday, May 13, 2014

a review from a former Mrs. John Lennon

Woke up this rainy morning to find this in my email inbox from my neighbour Virginia, a librarian who is of course an avid reader and about to leave for a long trip to Europe:

I just finished reading All My Loving and I wanted to write to say how very much I enjoyed it. (Too much perhaps.  I should have been cleaning the house before I leave!)  You perfectly captured all the joy and sorrow and angst - so much angst! - of being a teenage girl in the 1960s - or any time.  

It bought back my adolescence so vividly that I plan to order another copy for my friend, Hilary,  but known to me in the summer 1965 as Mrs. George Harrison.  In retrospect it concerns me that I was quite happy to be Mrs. John Lennon and Cynthia be damned. And I still think Paul was a choir boy.  Old loyalties die hard. 

Anyway, well done.  A memoir worth remembering.

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