Saturday, April 11, 2015

Bruce tours Firenze, Day 1

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The wide, spacious streets of Florence, down which hurtle cars and motorbikes at breakneck speed
 Medieval vistas
Decorated facade of the embassy of Burkino Fasso
One of my favourite sights in the world ...
... a happy Brooz, with iPhone and superb coffee
Bruce has an art pass, so he is a reserved person.
 The Pitti Palace is a cavalcade of treasure, including this famous del Sarto.
A typically humble little room
A typically bland and unpleasant Tuscan vista. After the first two hours of today's tour, I was approaching Stendahl Syndrome - too much @## beauty.

After lunch 
The view we had with lunch
 A bride outside a stunning 12th century church
A Bruce with a view

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