Friday, April 3, 2015

fame on Juliet's blog and David Burke's Paris

Juliet, with her usual thoroughness, has photographed our delicious meal at Au Bon Coin and described it in vivid detail. I'm sure, after wine and food, that I wasn't as articulate as she describes. A wonderful memory. See her blog on the left.

Yesterday, as I walked in the rain down the rue Mouffetard for the last time this trip, I saw a familiar face. It was David Burke, an American writer and, with his wife Joanne, documentary filmmaker, whom I knew when I lived here for some months in 2009. Kind, interesting people, they have lived in Paris for decades, and David has written a book about writers in Paris. Now he does literary walking tours, taking people around the city showing them where writers lived and worked and telling stories of their lives.

If you're coming to Paris and interested in writers' lives - and we all have extremely interesting lives, no question about that, LOL - you should meet David Burke. His has been named one of the top ten literary tours in the world.

David Burke's Writers in Paris Walking Tours

And now, off to the Gare du Nord and on to Angleterre. It is not, as I've said most mornings, actually raining yet, which is good news - but rain's forecast, of course, for London. En avant! Which I think is French for Onward.

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