Sunday, April 19, 2015

last day with Bruce, boat trip, sick

I'm sick - got slammed in the night with a stomach bug, not nice. However - it's my last day with Bruce and we had planned a boat trip along the coast, so I thought I could manage that, and I did. He was very kind to the feeble old lady who accompanied him. And it was not actually raining, with a little sun every so often. The trip, despite everything, was glorious.

The boat stops at all the 5 little towns until it gets to Porto Venere, a much larger and less picturesque town at the end, where we all got another boat for a trip around some islands - not too interesting, but the sun was almost out and the air was wonderful. Then a great fish lunch right on the water which unfortunately, tragically, I could not share. And then back. BK knew I was really sick because I had no interest in food or shopping - a true test. I'm now in bed. He has taken the train back to Manarola, which we'd planned to visit before I lost my sea legs.

I hope I'm well soon because I've planned to take Bruce to a spectacular place for dinner, to thank him for everything. If not - next time. Get well, silly stomach. Right now, I am extremely glad to be in bed, moving only my fingers.
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Vernazza this morning
Corniglia, where we walked to our first day 
Manarola, which we'd intended to visit together and Bruce is now. I'll have to come back, that's all.

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