Wednesday, April 1, 2015

walking on Wednesday

If Bacchus Were a Woman: a feminist wine shop. Only in France!
The arenas of Lutece - dating from the Romans in the 2nd century, gladiators and wild animals and all. Now there's free wifi and kids playing soccer.
What a welcome sight - a Canadian flag in front of a bookstore.
 Inside. Be still my beating heart.
As it says on the right: Librairie Canadienne. YES!
Renting boats to sail on the pond in the Jardins du Luxembourg. My brother looked just like this in 1964.
 And as we passed by this stand, we wanted all of it.
A familiar face. He ascended the throne at the age of 17, much admired, and became something else. The Justin Bieber of his time.
She really was magnificent. Ice white, and covered with jewels - with, as she said, both the heart and the stomach of a king. I love that she included her stomach. 

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