Friday, April 10, 2015

London to Florence, grazie

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At the British Museum this morning - a recreation of an entire Greek temple, among countless other wonders.
 This called me across the room - and sure enough, it's modern Haida art from B. C.
And this was a display about survival in Canada's north. No mention of how to survive winter in Toronto
Around the corner, one of the wonderful old shops London is full of - this was established in the 1800s to sell paint. For artists.
A park in Soho.
And now for something completely different - from the Vueling plane - a very inexpensive airline, 87 euros to fly from London to Florence and a flawless flight - this is Tuscany
Firenze at night!
My favourite - riboletto - bread soup - and prosciutto and melon. Divine. And my beloved Bruce. Molto bene!

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  1. Beautiful pics... here I found some lovely place to visit. You really enjoyed every movement of your London to Florence trip. Thanks for sharing