Saturday, April 25, 2015

Montpellier - Paris

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Monsieur et Madame sur la Place de la Comedie, the central piazza of Montpellier. Lynn very proud of her boots from Austin, Texas, where she did a stage and I visited her last year.
I took my hosts to a gourmet dinner in an old courtyard - this was Lynn's risotto with shrimps
Montpellier at night is bursting with life, most of it under 30
This morning, the view from the TGV to Paris - hard to shoot as the train reaches a speed of 300 kmh
Paris! My favourite street - la rue Mouffetard. Spring most definitely here.
Bought a slice of tarte tatin at my favourite bakery on Mouffetard and ate it in the Jardin des Plantes.
Dad's cherry tree - when I was here 5 weeks ago, there were no flowers, and now they've almost gone
La manege - as in almost every park in France
They sure know how to carve their plane trees.
Jardin du Luxembourg on a sunny Saturday - heaven.
The band playing in the park bandstand to a huge appreciative crowd turned out to be from Victoriaville, Quebec. YAY! I later chatted with a ticket seller when I went to buy my ticket for CDG tomorrow. He asked where I was from, I said Canada, and he said, Canada ou Quebec? Grrr. Then he launched into a diatribe about how everyone in France hates the government, both Sarko and Hollande, all the French people are leaving and the only ones left are Arabs, blacks and Jews. I wanted to say, you're black and I'm half-Jewish, what's the problem? But I didn't.
An exhibition of the mountain ranges of France on the gates of the park had this map of French mountains.
 Jews. They're still here.
Dinner on the rue Mouffetard - grilled scallops with rice and bread and two glasses of wine, with a fantastic street view in the fading sun, for under $30.

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