Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Kew and Richmond

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 There'll always be an England.
BK among the sublime Kew Gardens magnolias ...
... which were everywhere. And as you can see, you can walk on the grass. I was surprised, thinking the famous Kew Gardens would be formal English gardens - but it's a magnificent park full of wild green places. Very full, yesterday, of very happy children.
A meticulous drawing of a Kew oak tree by Masumi Yamanaka, who draws trees. There was a roomful of her work in the art gallery inside Kew Gardens. Some of the trees at Kew were planted in the 1700's.
 They asked for nature memories: "My first nature memory is ..." and people have written about planting bulbs with their grandmother or climbing trees. Beautiful.
 A cedar.
 My friend Penny in front of a cedar. We both got lots of our Vitamin G for green yesterday. A wonderful day. From Kew we walked back to Richmond.
 Beautiful downtown Richmond nearby, where we went to meet our hostess, Lizzie, for dinner and a play. This is the common - people playing soccer, having picnics, just sitting. We walked down to the river where there's another small palace, the one where Elizabeth 1 died. She was happy in Richmond. I can see why.
Another hideous pub.

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