Saturday, April 25, 2015

to the Alps for fondue

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Vallouise, scene of my misery at age 14
The grocery store in the small ski town of Villeneuve was closing down for the season. This is their tiny selection of wine and fine Champagne. Jealous.
 On our walk through an alpine meadow, M. Blin took his office with him.

 My kind of church.
 Both Lynn and Denis took their offices with them.

Back at the chalet in the hot sun, improvising sun hats.
 Until we found the real thing. Lynn and I called him Jose, the Mexican handyman. As soon as we got there, the toilet broke and he fixed it, then got rid of the dead salamander in the living room and the live bee that could not get out. Men are invaluable.
Beautiful downtown Briancon, which has a medieval gutter running down its main street.
Not Tibet, Briancon.
At last - after waiting since 1964, I had real Savoyarde fondue, made with 3 cheeses and wine. Superb. Worth the wait.

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