Thursday, April 2, 2015

last day in Paris

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Both my books at the Abbey Bookshop! The owner Brian Spence is a very nice man from Toronto who's been running this wonderful shop for decades. It's a treasure trove of every book ever written, now including yours truly, and it's also a centre for writers. Brian has these now but has also ordered another copy of the memoir. See that Eiffel Tower on the cover, Paris visitors? Buy this book!
At the Cluny Museum of the Medieval World, medieval children sheltering from the rain. The Cluny is another of my favourite museums in Paris, full of artifacts from Roman Paris - pre J.C. - to about 1500. So much beauty.
The museum itself is in a glorious building.
Darn - I was hoping to leave my voluminous luggages at the cloakroom. Glad to know they're keeping us safe.
Head of the kings of France, originally on Notre Dame. 1220 - 1230.
One of the exquisite Lady with the Unicorn tapestries. A whole room, six vast works of art made around 1500. Breathtaking.
The tapestries have a background of hundreds of plants and animals. Detail.
Bracelet from the fifth to the third century B.C. Could buy one almost like it in any jewellery shop in Paris today.
Paris sous la pluie - the Boulevard St. Michel, where I used to walk in 1964, looking at the sophisticated French teenagers and wanting to be like them. Now they're all staring at their phones.
The Pantheon dome is still being renovated. This is my 'hood - five minutes from where I used to live. Oh I do love this city.

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