Monday, April 27, 2015

love is

Here's happiness. (He loves his new blue "hemoot" and doesn't often take it off.) We played football and lined up all the toys; he made a tower of blocks with Wayson and got a dinosaur calendar from Carol and a hug from neighbour Monique; got his presents from Glamma - a pair of toy "nocklears" - binoculars - from Monoprix, a French t-shirt, a bell for his strider bike which he dinged as we went to the farm to see the baby lambs, kids and piglets. And best of all, a chocolate bunny, because I was not here at Easter.

I cannot imagine a love greater than the force in my soul for this boy. And soon there will be another one; my heart will need to stretch even bigger.

In the picture above, however, I look just like my father. This is not a compliment. But it is life.

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