Tuesday, April 14, 2015

In Cortona with Bruce

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We took the train today to Cortona, a beautiful ancient Tuscan hill town. A day of pure misery, as you can plainly see. 
But first - the square outside my hotel last night - Matisse blue and gold.
Sign in Cortona - no caffe, no hoppines! Bruce agrees.
The view. Tuscany. Red and green.
A beautiful very old church door sideways, for some reason.
Inside - the usual plain little altar
Brooche taking in the most beautiful Fra Angelico Annunication - the angel's wings, Mary's face, the gold everywhere - stunning
Downtown Cortona, Bruce consulting his map
A letter box
 A New Yorker cartoon that struck us both as funny on the train home - should be at the end
 Another crummy little view
 Une converzatione - gatos
 The main piazza - with obligatory Vespa
Mon amid with gelato. Two flavours. MMMMM.


  1. After a rocky start to my trip, Theresa, Italy has been a dream. Mind you, supposed to thunderstorm all weekend ...