Saturday, June 28, 2014


Booboo and Blamma play plano. He is talking non stop. "Me do it! Me twy it!" And the best: "I luz you." He notices and is opinionated about everything - what a surprise, given that his mother is a force of nature. He spends lots of time diaperless and has the most adorable bum in the history of the universe. And he did a pee in his pot, for which he received, as reward, a dish of maple walnut "beem." Everything begins with B. He saw a picture of Sam - "Bam!" When he saw my memoir, "Mummy book," he said, because it's beside his mother's bed. Be still my beating heart.

The manuscript of the writing book is here, though the PDF file nearly shut down my computer for some reason and eventually I had to get it printed at Staples. I hope this is not an omen. After an afternoon of playing with Booboo and his mother, I'd just settled down to work when Wayson came by unexpectedly to take me to dinner. I almost said no, another time thank you, and then I said to myself, How lucky I am to have such friends. So we had a nice dinner, and now I've had lots of wine and just want to fall asleep on this hot muggy night. But I'll do a few more chapters, and tomorrow morning, I'll be fresh.

That's the plan, anyway.

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