Thursday, June 12, 2014


My heart is resting easy - it's 10 p.m., the Liberals are at 57 seats, the PC's at 28, the NDP at 21. It will be a Liberal majority! Oh the fine people of this great province. I know, lots voted for Rob Ford. And lots, some years ago, voted for the loathsome Mike Harris and elected the most destructive politician this province has ever known, not once but twice. But now, many have rejected our version of the Tea Party. Hudak hired right-wing Americans to advise him - and this is what he gets.

I think this is not just anti-a very right wing and unpleasant politician - who was described recently as a man with all the charm of Stephen Harper and none of his brains - but a huge vote of confidence for Kathleen Wynne personally, not just our province's first woman premier, but an openly gay one. Amazing. There are good people and good possibilities in politics still. Not many and not much - but here it is, something good. Thank you, lord. 

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