Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Beth's garden workshop

My garden workshop July 20 is 2/3 full - but there's still room. In case you wondered, here are some pix I just took of the actual garden and its inhabitants.
This is taken from an artful angle, avoiding bare patches and dying ivy.
Oh peonies, full of sound and fury and then lasting only a few days. But so gorgeous while you're there. 
I thought my favourite rose had died over the winter - you've never seen a sadder looking dark brown spindly plant. But ... welcome, beauty! All is well. Meet her for yourself at ...

A one-day writing adventure.
Inspiration, structure and support for those with lots of writing experience and for those with none.

Spend a summer day learning to trust your voice and tell your stories. Listen to your creative self. Gain confidence and perspective from friendly contact with other writers. Write in the garden and enjoy positive feedback, bushy perennials, and lunch.

Who: Writer and teacher Beth Kaplan has taught writing at Ryerson for 20 years and at U of T for 7.

When: Sunday July 20, 10.30 a.m. to 5 p.m

Cost: $150, including food for thought and actual food (and wine). Register early; registration is limited.

Where: Beth’s secret garden in Cabbagetown.

Laughter, camaraderie and insight guaranteed.
For more information - bethkaplan.ca/coaching
To register – beth@bethkaplan.ca

“Glorious stories being made, a beautiful setting, great food, a garden to die for.” Kelsey Mason
 Just what I needed to get started writing again.”  Pat Broms
“Beth has a special gift for creating a safe learning environment, with a well of positive things to say without passing judgment. It was a joy to be there with her and the others. Her garden is magical, and she created a magical day for me.”  Ann C.

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