Thursday, June 12, 2014

a beautiful review

Just got this email from Maggie about the memoir and cannot resist posting. I'll also print it and carry it around for good luck.

I haven’t read a book that I couldn’t put down in such a fashion in a long time.

The story is magic. The voice of young Beth is crystal clear, vibrant, and vital. The humour holds harsh truths together with a strong and inviting thread. I just wanted to read on, read more. The book felt alive, as if I was there with young Beth, learning about the world in Halifax, London, New York, Paris. I could feel her balancing between childhood and womanhood; that scary precarious place. Of course, the music, the love scenes, the devotion to Paul were enchanting. I was fascinated by the original diary entries, sketches, and photographs. They added richness to the story.

I could relate to much of it, yet there was lots for me to learn. A perfect balance for this reader. Congratulations! Keep writing — I want to read more.

Thank you! What a gift.

Another gift - Anna texted out of the blue that a friend had come to babysit, did I want to see "Maleficent" with her? We'd discussed going but thought our schedules are just too crazed to manage. But I did get away, we met, had burgers, saw the film in 3D. As all the reviews say, it is not a great movie - though the special effects are fantastic - but Angelina is hauntingly beautiful and truthful, even in such a silly part. It really felt like playing hookey this afternoon for both of us, sneaking off to a fantasy film. I want cheekbones like Angelina's!

Just voted. If you're in Ontario, PLEASE GO AND VOTE. And keep your fingers crossed.

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