Sunday, June 29, 2014

Proud of Pride

Finished going over the manuscript today, and do not want to see it ever again in my life. Until tomorrow when I discuss changes with the publisher.

I cooked a big dinner while listening to Eleanor interview the fascinating Karl Ove Knausgaard - what a tortured soul, considering that he's a huge bestseller - and Wayson came to dine. And then we walked over to check out World Pride. Mon dieu, it was amazing - hundreds of thousands of people in the streets, the whole downtown core shut down, all manner of folks, costumes, piercings, nakedness. I ran into the local upholsterer who has done a few of my old chairs, wearing a pair of transparent underpants and nothing else. How lucky we are to live in a city this tolerant and diverse - people were here from all over the world, incredulous. Of course, our new premier marched in the parade with her partner Jane and a delegation from the local Catholic school board, defying the ban they'd been handed. So - not totally inclusive yet. But pretty damn close.

Anna and Eli went to the Dyke events yesterday. They went early before it got too crazy, and she said it was beautifully organized with tons of neat stuff for kids.
I hope that one day, the issue of who we sleep with and how we define ourselves sexually will be so utterly inconsequential that all that energy can go into world peace and stopping hunger and saving the planet. But for now - party on, friends.

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