Friday, June 6, 2014


Dinner yesterday made by my son - this is a hamburger, believe it or not, under grilled red peppers and homemade chutney and avocado and a fried egg, with asparagus and a baked garlic aioli. Mon dieu, c'etait delicious.
Dinner tonight, at our favourite - the Village Cafe in Britannia, Ottawa. After a day in the back seat of the car eating goldfish crackers and cheese, he finished a bowl of pasta in record time. His mother took his shirt off so it'd stay clean.
We were five at dinner, ranging in age from 2 to 94. This is Do - isn't she incredible for that age? With May, a friend of hers and my mother's. I had a cry at dinner, missing my mum. It is so strange to be here without her.


  1. The hamburger looks just wonderful. Lucky you.

  2. He knows not just what flavours go with each other but how to make the final dish look stunning. One day he would like to have his own establishment. Maybe we need to set up a Kickstarter campaign, and then he can cook for us all.