Monday, June 23, 2014

say cheese

I'm happy to tell you the good news: I just ran into a neighbour who said Power Tool Guy told her he'd just learned he'd been disturbing people and was sorry- he'd try to be more conscious of noise in future. "Good job!" said my neighbour. Yes yes yes! Sometimes being a letter-writing busybody has its benefits.

And more good news: stop the madness. The last draft has gone to the publisher for the final edit. I'm waiting for his comments right now, will review one last time, and then tonight or first thing tomorrow it will all go to the designer. And then onto the conveyor belt to bookdom.

The bad news: the other day was National Giraffe Day, and my own personal giraffe, my six foot eight inch son, walked into the kitchen in his new place of employ and hit his forehead on something. Huge gash and goose egg. It's a tough life for giraffes.

The good news: my old friend Duncan Fremlin, surely the only banjo-playing, kind and nice real estate agent in the world, set up a free photography session for friends and clients with a professional portrait photographer. So Anna, Eli and I went. Terrific, if I do say so myself - my new author photo, a group shot with me awkwardly clutching my grandson and a great shot of Eli. When I look at his face, I see just about everyone in my family - my parents, my own children of course, my ex, myself. An incredible package of DNA, is that boy. And a huge personality too, as perhaps you can see. I know, he has a father who is 50% there too. But Glamma sees her own.


  1. Lucky you. Such natural portraits...

  2. I am supremely unphotogenic and self-conscious in front of a camera, but this guy just got us to relax. Eli, however, refused to smile. You can see the expression - forget it, buddy. The minute the session was over, he grinned and began to play.