Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Kerry Clare, Paul Girl, writes a review

Writer Kerry Clare, mother of two very young children who somehow finds time to read and review a huge number of books and do her own writing work too, also has a blog, Pickle Me This, which has long been linked to mine. When I first read her, I liked her honesty, humour and immediacy and the fact that she reads so fricking much and comments with warmth and clarity.

Well - she has just commented with warmth and clarity on a book dear to my heart - my own. Her latest blog post, entitled Tomorrow! (scroll down), is a long, thoughtful, appreciative review of All my loving. Kerry, it turns out, is a Paul Girl too. Oh we are a fine breed.

I invite Kerry Clare and all Paul Girls and their children and, yes, grandchildren, to a celebration at my house next year. June 18, 2015, let's gather to celebrate Macca's 73rd birthday, and every year from then on. We are lucky to love a good man, a great musician and citizen of the world. Let's gather, listen to his music and that of his Liverpool bandmates, and eat vegetables.

Thanks, Kerry, for such close reading, for your sensitivity and depth. A gift.


  1. Here is a link to the post itself: Thanks for a terrific read and congratulations on your book.

  2. Kerry, I just read the beautiful tribute you wrote to Blanche Howard. Truly we must get together sometime; we're at different stages of our life and writing journeys but we have much in common. Thank you for everything.

  3. A great review Beth, a Paul McCartney day sounds like a brilliant idea, the possibilities are endless. If you can get Paul there I'll be over myself! Carole

  4. Well, if he isn't there in body, we can bring him there in spirit.