Saturday, June 28, 2014

Kate Trotter in "Tru Love"

I only agree with the first two. As for the third: if I made a list of Things I Love, lists would be on it.

A gorgeous long weekend dawns. The scent of jasmine pouring in through the screen door is overwhelming. I'm off to stock up at the market and the liquor store, where else? And then Anna and Eli, who are going to check out World Pride on Church Street - apparently there are kids events - are coming to visit. And the proofs of the writing book will appear today, which will take the rest of the weekend.

The scope of the World Pride festivities is incredible; practically every business in town is flying a rainbow flag. How fast things change when businesses realize there's money in tolerance. The streets are jammed with same sex people holding hands, and tourists of many sexes - walking, it's possible to spend quite a bit of time trying to figure out if that person is a boy or a girl or, more probably, somewhere in between.

Wayson and I went to a film at TIFF last night - "Tru Love," a lesbian romance starring my dear friend Kate Trotter, who has won several acting awards for her performance, including one in Berlin. And well-deserved they are - she's spectacular in this sweet if clumsy story (with an infuriating ending) of a middle-aged widow opening up to a new kind of love. Kate is in her late fifties and unlike every other actress of her age, has had no work done - no facelift, no Botox. She told me once she'd eventually be valuable because she'd be the only actress who could move her face. And she was right - the camera doesn't want to leave that marvellously beautiful, expressive, real and open face. Breathtaking. Brava.

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