Wednesday, June 25, 2014

breaking buds

Post-partum. There are a million things to do on my list but I can't quite get to them; I'm sitting a lot and looking at the garden on this heavy grey muggy day. But I just did a very stupid thing - was fiddling with the heavenly rosebush, sniffing and admiring and checking for bugs, when I noticed a big branch hidden behind the others with tons of buds. I tried to move it forward and broke it off. It's in a vase now - 29 buds. Please open. It hurts to look at you, such potential beauty, snapped off, sealed shut.

Luckily I have to go teach or I'd just sink. From too busy to catatonic.


  1. Sending an edited mss. off is always so momentous that you think bells should ring, champagne corks pop. Yet, strangely, those things seldom happen!

  2. Yes, exactly - where the applause? BRAVA! All that work and fuss, and then limbo. But it's okay, I've moved right along. A day of not doing much, and now - let's get busy.