Tuesday, June 24, 2014

the best of Monty Python


It's a rainy Tuesday morning, and I'm waiting for the draft to come back any minute, so I can slam through it one more time and get it to the designer. Last night, very tired, I happened on this piece in the Guardian about famous British people's favourite Monty Python sketches and sat laughing my head off. The Spanish Inquisition! The arguing office! So brilliant. Take a few minutes off and enjoy.

A couple of my own favourites are not there: the one where two Cockney charladies go to visit Simone de Beauvoir in Paris and have an in depth discussion about existentialism; and the rugby match between the Bournemouth Gynaecologists and the Sheffield Long John Silver Impersonators. Men in long white coats skilfully kick the ball about while the other team remain stuck in the ground by their peg legs, parrots on their shoulders, saying, "Aarrrgh."

As one commentator says, The only problem with Python was their handling of women - actual actress women, not the women they themselves portrayed so well - which was juvenile at best. But otherwise, they were as good as comedy gets. I remember viewing through a fog of marijuana - ah, the days of my dissolute youth. Apparently there's a reunion about to happen. I wish them, and all their viewers, joy, and thank them for all they've given us.

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