Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Macca is 72 today

With the strains of "They say it's your birthday/You're gonna have a good time!" in my head, I raise a glass - well, a cup of coffee, actually, as it's 10 a.m. - to my dear Paul, who is, according to the British newspaper I was able to access via Google, recovering from his illness and getting ready to tour again. I recently listened again to his latest CD "New," and marvel anew at his relentless drive and creativity. How many aging rockers are still putting out great new stuff? The Stones and the Who are touring but not making new discs. Paul Simon, yes, another single-minded force of nature.

"New" is a very good record with his usual mix - ballads, screaming rockers and everything in between - songs that stick to your brain and are impossible to get out. Not to mention the highly original videos that accompany the CD, including the latest, a beautiful little film set in the future in which Paul dances with a hauntingly real robot designed by the "War Horse" people.

I do wish he'd let his hair go grey. But otherwise, he's perfect. And I'm as completely objective about him as I am about my grandson, so you know it's the truth.

Here's a group in Liverpool celebrating Paul's birthday his way. I wish you a joyful day, my dear friend. With thanks from us all.

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