Monday, April 7, 2014

beautiful downtown Rome

I don't dare tell the folks back home, but it was hot today in Rome - felt like 25 degrees, at least; people were sweltering and keeping to the shady side of the street. It felt like every tourist, and every school group, were here today. What a city. Bruce and I started out together, but eventually he left me on my own with the map. And it was beautiful - awe-inspiring, until I tried to find my way home and got hopelessly lost. Took an hour and a half, stumbling about with the map. Luckily, when I got here, Bruce had bought a nice bottle of Chianti which cheered me up. And my aching feet too. 
Santa Prassede church - 9th century mosaics
Even the broccoli is exotic and beautiful
 Some fountain of semi-naked men in a courtyard somewhere
 Largo Argentina, where the stray cats live
 Pasta - at the Campo de' Fiore
 Palazzo Spada
 A gaggle of nuns
 It's too bad the Romans don't decorate their churches a bit more
The Tiber
 Another sad, plain little church
 And this - I waited to see the Caravaggio but it remained closed - for lunch?
 The Spanish steps
 A nice house. (At this point, it's all a blur.)
 A few folks at the Trevi fountain
The view from one of our windows


  1. No fair! You get 2 springs! By the time you get home all the dirty, crusty snow will have vanished. The birds are already out singing about it. Love to Bruce.

  2. Yes, I'm aware of having two springs - MORE! One cannot have too many springs! Bruce sends his love to you and Maurice, and so do I.