Monday, April 14, 2014

book launch

A last morning in Sorrento, packing slowly, breathing in the fumes from the road outside the balcony. I didn't mention that they were resurfacing the road right there between 11 p.m. and 3 a.m., did I? A tiny issue, solved by earplugs. The hotel room is huge and bright and also a bargain because Bruce booked so early on-line, so the noise was a minor issue. And the breakfasts were included and huge, and also I slipped extra buns and tubs of yoghurt into my purse. Have made us sandwiches for the train. We've saved money every night by eating dinner in my room - delicious stuff - last night, little eggplant cakes, green bean salad and pizza - from the take out places, and of course a bottle of rosso from the supermarket.

Now we're both checking on-line things to see and do - and eat - in Naples.

I'm starting to make lists for home - call the accountant about taxes, call the publisher, bills owed, things to do. And mostly, beginning to gear up for the book launch. Here's a reminder. Come one come all!

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